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Just as the title says, Zack Snyder; the controversial film director of two out of three DC Extended Universe films, has posted a photo of Batman’s newest suit on his twitter, like he’s previously done before, but with so much time ahead until the films release – it is an engaging surprise.

What Snyder has called the “Tactical Batsuit” seems to be inspired by Rocksteady Studios Arkham Knight character dubbed ‘Leatherwing’ which he has made sure to involve in the upcoming movie just as he did for the Batsuits in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – based off of Frank Miller’s iconic portrayals.

The suits most obvious trait is the bug-eyed-like goggles which have been reported by other sources to “work in some way with Bat-vehicles”. This can only lead to the assumption that he will be able to control a vehicle without actually manually driving it from within (this is just a hunch of course). Another guess is that, like in the popular video games, he will have enhancements such as sonar vision.

Let us know your thoughts on the new Batsuit below and stay tuned for more information on the highly anticipated movie Justice League which hits theatres November 17 2017.

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