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Rockstar Teases New ‘Read Dead’ Video Game

It seems Rockstar have confirmed the rumours, after what originally seemed like a very slim chance of getting any details about the legend that is Red Dead Redemption. 

As the previous image was only related to the colour, and colour alone, red, it led to some speculation. But, before we could even move on, Rockstar have reassured us and pretty much shown us where to pin the tail on the donkey (their recent posts on Twitter and Instagram) by giving us, this cowboy-esque image. 

That being said there’s still no words, only imagery, so this could still be just another stone skipping; meaning we may have to wait just for more details to be revealed. But then again, with the popularity of The Magnificent Seven, it could be a spark that could catch fire quite quickly. We think it’s pretty safe to say, we can be expecting an unveiling of a new game in the line of work, that is Read Dead.

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